A work of art or artwork appeals to the aesthetic sense of individuals. Regardless of the theme or purpose, most works of art celebrate music, literature, lifestyle and many more.

Take the example of fine art like paintings or sculpture or for that matter, interior design or folk art, architecture or landscape design; all these are forms of real visual art preferred by art enthusiasts. Seldom do we realize our love for artwork until we choose most of the patterns mentioned above or even few to deck up some space in our homes or offices. Many of us choose custom portraits over wall paintings and sculptural creations.

Despite each having one’s own choice, the artwork in an age of digitization has thankfully, not disappeared into oblivion. The new trend catching the attention is uploading images off one’s gadget like mobiles or laptops via the social media platforms. It’s super easy and a great way of capturing works of old masters to be incorporated in our day to day living.

Art in Modern Age

Redefinition of art is mostly the courtesy of technological advances. The invention of laser beams and high-end gadgets have made modern art accessible to endless people across the globe who now takes an avid interest in a domain that did not appeal to them much earlier. Why take modern art only? Works of artists that are rarely available now have also been restored and passed down to those searching. Technology is a strong reason that has led to the mushrooming of digital artists.

These experts are well aware of how art can be pushed into different zones and directions, helping many others engage in conversations or better we say, coffee chats! This artist of multiple talents had acquaintance with the skills of painting, sculpting, writing, engineering, music, Math, and many others. One of the most famous works by Leonardo is his painting ‘The Last Supper’.

These and many others artists have immensely contributed to the society by enlightening the society with their vision that was broader and clearer from the rest of their fellow community members. Had they not shared their art, the movements such as Renaissance would have never changed the face of the earth for the better.

Artists of Today

The modern artists are the artists of the digital age. Their work is the reflection of the modern day art amalgamated with technology. The art of today encompasses the realm of Abstract Expressionism, Color field painting, Pop art, Op, Hard-edge painting, Happening, Video, Post minimalism, Minimal art, Lyrical Abstraction, Fluxus, Photorealism and various other art forms.

Associating with Art

Each of the artists, whether in the past or recently, have had exposure to art in various forms. Many are known to have undergone an apprenticeship with renowned artists of their times to learn the art of their choice. It is essential to see that children who associate with art at an early age can develop a more passionate feel towards learning, studying or even honing these skills.

Children that are given an opportunity to experiment with colors, discover various textures and saturation are most likely to have an affinity for art.