Most at times, we find ourselves in situations that need money to solve. It is so unfortunate that at these times we probably owe more than we can ask for. What I mean is:  we have a bad credit history.

Imagine you are left wishing for that elegant dress you saw in the mall, perfectly fitting onto that mannequin, which would look better on you.

Such is life, but it does not imply the end of acquiring whatever you want. Blue Water Company is here to help you. Here are some of the ways that might be helpful in your situation.

Request a credit line increase:

This could be done by making a simple call to your credit card provider. So, what you are going to tell them? Well, ask them to increase your credit line.

This will improve your credit score. How does this happen? A better percentage of your credit score is based on your Utilization Ratio, that is, the ratio of your debt balance to the total available credit.

If you get them to increase your credit line, you will reduce your utilization ratio which in turn improves your credit score. This is only the beginning.

Get yourself enlisted as an authorized user:

You probably have a family member or a close friend with a better credit score than you. The trick is simple; get enlisted as an authorized user on their account. All those positive accolades will be reflected on your account.

With a positive credit score, you can go ahead and acquire that villa you have been dreaming about. Just make sure you do the convincing well, and you submit the right Social Security Number.

Pay for Deletion of your negative report:

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of clearing your debts in time, but when you eventually pay off your dues, an eternal mark of late payment is left on your credit score. Here is how to deal with the situation: contact your debt collection agency, and make a deal.

This is the deal: once you make the full payment, they will delete your negative credit history. Of course, you will have to part with a few coins to get that done, but make sure the deal is in writing. You only pay the extra fee after your negative history is deleted.

Add accounts that are not reporting to your credit line:

It is a requirement for lending organizations to report to credit reference bureaus, but not all of them do. For small utility lenders like cell phone companies and landlords, you can inquire from them that they start reporting to the credit bureaus. Once you get the confirmation, the positive history will tremendously improve your score.

Rapid Re-score:

Most of the above solutions may take unnecessarily long to get your credit score boosted. With rapid re-score, your score is immediately boosted. In order to gain this advantage, you will need to enlist some assistance.

That is where Blue Water Credit Company kicks in. With their services at hand, you will not have to wait any longer for that near perfect credit score.

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